We are pleased to announce the continuation of our sampling service for lamination. This was initially introduced for a trial period, but has proved to be very successful.

  We have recently installed a Warrior Round Cornering Machine to enhance our cutting and creasing options.

Taskforce (Finishing & Handling) Ltd

Taskforce (Finishing & Handling) Ltd was established in April 1990. It has at present 28 employees and is located in the heart of Edinburgh.

Its aim was and always has been to supply a trade print finishing service of superior quality and service.

Taskforce has always invested in the latest equipment and encompassed the most recent technology.

We were the first in the UK to install the Muller Amigo Plus Perfect Binder and the first in Scotland to offer a miniature / pharmaceutical folding service.


New Products and Services.

MMoll Vantage 720 In Line System + Crash Lock Kit

This machine enhances our gluing capacity by producing glued folders, straight line and crash lock boxes. The combination of units also allows us to fold heavy boards and polypropylene.

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