We are pleased to announce the continuation of our sampling service for lamination. This was initially introduced for a trial period, but has proved to be very successful.

  We have recently installed a Warrior Round Cornering Machine to enhance our cutting and creasing options.

Welcome to The Taskforce Plant List

You can view a .pdf file of this list here.

Burst / Perfect Binding

- 2 x Muller Martini AmigoPlus Perfect Binding Machines
- Muller Martini 240 3 Knife Trimmer


- Muller Martini Presto Saddle-stitching line 1550
- 6 station plus cover feeder
- Apollo Compensating Stacker


- Stahl TD78 with Round Pile B1 Feeder, Mobile Knife, Presser Stacker Delivery and Inline Gluing
- Stahl T50 4/0 with Mobile Knife
- MBO T530 6/4 + 4 Folder
- MBO B30/44 Folder with Round Pile B1 Feeder and Presser Stacker
- MBO B30/44 Folder with Round Pile B1 Feeder and Mobile Knife
- Herzog & Heymann KL112 T8/T6 Vertical Delivery Pharmaceutical Folder
- Herzog & Heymann KL112 T6/T4 Vertical Delivery Pharmaceutical Folder

Book Sewing

- Aster 160 Book Sewing Machine with Headop Feeder and 4 + 4 Signature Opening
- Smyth Europea Semi Automatic Book Sewer

Inline Die Cutting and Punching

- Bograma BS Multi 450 Servo Punching Machine


- Autobond Compact 102TP Laminator (From SRA4 to B1)

Cutting and Creasing

- Schneider Senator S-Line Programmatic Guillotine 115H CT Control
- Schneider Senator 78 E-Line Guillotine
- Heidelberg SBG Cylinder 'Zenith' max sheet size 560mm x 770mm


- James Burn BB50/H Wire-o Binding Machine
- James Burn BB61CD Wire-o Binding Machine
- James Burn EP700 Electric Punching Machine
- James Burn EX610 Automatic Punching Machine
- 3 x Setmaster Collating Machines (SRA3 and SRA4)

Inline Gluing

- Moll Vantage 720 In Line System + Crash Lock Kit
This machine enhances our gluing capacity by producing glued folders, straight line and crash lock boxes.
The combination of units also allows us to fold heavy boards and polypropylene.


- Rochman Semi-Automatic Shrink-wrapping machine
- Citoborma 480AB 4 Headed Drill
- Brehmer Polygraph - Hand Stitcher
- DP-1198 - Envelope printer for addressing and franking
- Forklift facilities


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